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Get ready forEmPresse' + Dramatic FinishBioAmino Serum RevolutionaryEnricher Original
Get ready forEmPresse' +
Our New Formulation! Enricher+ lasts up to 6 months.
Dramatic FinishBioAmino Serum
Unique protein complex that is weightless and
gives your hair amazing shine and movement.
RevolutionaryEnricher Original
Original Enricher Keratin Treatment the adds strength,
shine, manageability, eliminates frizz, provides
a humidity barrier and promotes hair growth.

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Get ready for


Enricher+ last up to 6 months leaving hair nourished and manageable and silky.

$ 110.99

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EmPresse’ System

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Enricher Kit

Keratin treatment to strengthen the hair after a chemical service, braids and extension, after a color process. 7pcs.

$ 105.99

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BioClear Clarifying Shampoo


BioClear Clarifying Shampoo

BioClear Clarifying shampoo removes impurities, promotes healthy hair and a detangling agent. 8oz

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The BioClear Clarifying Shampoo combines the finest extracts from the Amazon RainForest to cleanse and remove impurities from the scalp and hair.  Use BioClear Clarifying Shampoo as the first step in the EmPressé™ Keratin Smoothing System or Enricher Treatment Kit process to properly open the cuticle for optimal results and ensure that the Enricher + and Enricher is absorbed quickly and thoroughly.  BioClear Clarifying Shampoo elevates the pH and allows the user to use a minimal amount of Enricher + or Enricher.

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