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Ms. Jean has been a cosmetologist since the age of 20. She always had a passion for hairdressing growing up. At one point she lost her passion and let her license lapse and she had to go back to cosmetology school. While in cosmetology school for the second time, she was diagnosed with ovarian and uterine cancer. The tumors were the size of grapefruits. So she went to work on finding an alternative to relaxers. The Em Pressé™ System was born. She found her passion again by becoming a trade magazine owner, a hair show producer, salon owner and now a product manufacturer of a product called Em Pressé™ System. This amazing product line was developed over a 5 year period with the best chemist in the business. There has been a lot of love and care put in to this product line. This system has been developed with bioamino science technology and ingredients from the Amazon RainForest to cleanse and strengthen your hair and is for all hair types and textures. Witness the breakthrough technology for yourself. Join the revolution. Impress with Em Pressé™. Silk Press Made Easy.

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