Enricher+ Keratin Smoothing System


Enricher +

Enricher + Strengthens, Nourishes, Used on Relaxed Hair, Formaldehyde Free

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Last up to 6 months.

New Enricher +

The Enricher + is the latest advance in strengthening all textures of hair without the use of harsh chemicals. Enricher + is designed to be used on relaxed, transitioning and naturally curly hair. It works from the inside out by delivering a powerful keratin amino acid therapy and “Botanical Actives” to transform unruly hair into silky, beautiful and healthy hair. I Does Not Break Bonds! Enricher + Keratin Smoothing System results in a stronger, “nourished” hair strand. Witness this breakthrough technology for yourself. No more flyaways and split ends. Hair actually improves after each use. Enricher + creates a dramatic effect for the stylist and an even greater one for the client and how they feel for themselves how silky-strong, beautiful, and healthy their hair has become. It is truly amazing! FORMALDEHYDE FREE PRODUCT. Safe for you and the environment.